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Part and Mold Design

The design of products using plastic and metal parts is the primary product development service offered by Crown Precision Manufacturing. Our other service is in the area of injection mold design and sourcing gives us added capabilities that enhance our core plastic part design skills. Our location, in the suburban Austin Texas, places us in a fantastic area with many plastic injection as well as Urethane Casting and molders. This location gives us access to many molders and exposes us to new designs, techniques, and problems. The result is a well developed and constantly improving set of plastic/Urethane part design skills.


Plastic Part Styling

Injection molded plastic/Urethane cast parts can be designed to provide good looking products that consumers want to buy at no additional cost over boring products that have no sales appeal. To do this you need the right product concept, the right people, and the right tools. The good looking new products on the market today are almost always designed with the use of an industrial strength solid modeling CAD system with good surface modeling capabilities such as SolidWorks. Our experience in SolidWorks surface modeling gives us the skills and tools required to create parts with sales appeal that are designed for economical injection molding and/or casting.

The right tools alone are not enough to create good looking parts. A designer with a sense of style who is working with an strong design concept is required to deliver a product design that will sell. Our experience in creating appealing plastic parts in SolidWorks can help you turn an idea for a good product into the physical reality of a well designed plastic product.


Design for Production

More than any other material, parts made from plastic and Urethane must be "designed for production". Almost anybody can design a plastic part to some degree, but to do it well, a knowledge of the molding process and how molds function is required in addition to "regular" design skills . Our previous service of providing molds of our design to our clients gives us an in depth knowledge of molds and molding problems. This knowledge gives us a very strong background from which to design plastic parts.

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