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Precision Wire EDM Machining

Crown Precision Manufacturing, LLC provides first-class wire EDM (wire electrical discharge machining) services, producing precision parts that match the dimensional tolerances of your designs within ± 0.0001”. With state-of-the-art wire EDM machining equipment and advanced programming, we can manufacture even the most intricate parts with perfect accuracy and repeatability, whether you need prototypes, short production runs, or quantities in the tens of thousands.



What is EDM Wire Machining?

Wire EDM, or electrical discharge machining, is a high-precision method for cutting nearly any electrically conductive material. A thin, electrically-charged EDM wire held between upper and lower mechanical guides forms one electrode, while the material being cut forms a second electrode. Electrical discharge between the wire and the workpiece creates sparks that rapidly cut away material. Both the wire and the workpiece are submerged in deionized water, which flushes away cutting debris.


As the charged wire never makes physical contact with the workpiece in EDM machining, there are no cutting forces involved, making it possible to manufacture extremely small and/or delicate parts. Parts that require levels of accuracy and intricacy that traditional machining cannot achieve can easily be produced via wire EDM.

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