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Production Machining

Crown Precision Manufacturing, LLC’s is a full service supplier of the highest quality for low, medium, and high volume production of parts and sub-assemblies. We use multi-pallet CNC machining centers.


The experience and equipment of our CNC machine shop is best suited for tight tolerance multi-sided work pieces, as well as fully "surfaced" parts. We can provide volume machining while still maintaining extremely tight tolerance variations.


Crown Precision Manufacturing, LLC is experienced with a variety of materials ranging from various grades of ductile and grey iron, stainless steel, aluminum and plastic materials whether in castings, bar stock, forgings, or injection molded parts. Size of parts we machine range from less than 1” cube to 50” x 20” x 20”and assemblies that are even bigger.

Some of the Industries We Serve

  • Automotive R&D

  • SubSea and exploration

  • OilField/Offshore

  • Computer Industry

  • High Pressure Gate Valves-Oil and Gas Equipment

  • Semiconductor Industry



Materials Machined (Non comprehensive list)

  • Ductile and Grey Iron-various grades, castings and bar stock

  • 4130 and 4140-forgings, bar stock and plate

  • Stainless Steel- 300 and 400 Series plus PH grades

  • Aluminum- 6061T6, 7075, etc.

  • Aluminum- Die Castings

  • Plastic Materials- polycarbonate, Delrin, HDPE and various nylons

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