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Welding and Fabrication

-TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas)

-MIG (Metal Inert Gas)



Examples of Welding and Fabrication:

  • Custom Machining Fixtures

  • Manufacturing of welded assemblies (weldments)

  • Mold Repair

  • Casting Repair



  • Cast Iron

  • Cast Aluminum

  • Aluminum

  • Steel (CRS, HRS, Chromoly, Tool Steels)

  • Stainless (300, 400 series)

  • High Temp Alloys


We can machine and fabricate all of your components for your weldment AND  weld them together. No need to have one shop machine the components, another to fabricate, and yet another weld it all together.


We can also machine critical features after welding to ensure accuracy and alignment.

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